Ready To Level Up Your Business and Watch It Thrive?


✢ Need graphics to promote your services / products, your shop, your brand?

✢ Have a lot on your plate and don’t have time for this?

✢ Not sure what style fits your brand?

✢ The design of your images are so random without a cohesive branding?

✢ Desperately need a hand to design them for you?

You are the reason for everything we do!


I'm Neko!

Founder of FabbizStylist.
I’m a multi-passionate graphic designer, online seller, illustrator from Malaysia. 
I’m also a SkillShare teacher, planner lover, journal lover. 
I’m a spiritual person. I love to live life with meaningful.
I love learning new skills and self-growth, and give back to the community.

I’ve been freelancing since 2009 and constantly exploring art & design & life purpose. 
(Named as NekoGraphicDesign previously)

In 2019 I decided to launch FabBizStylist, where I aimed to open up more opportunity to our passionate graphic designers to work together, to serve and to grow. 
To offer our gifts to the sellers from around the globe
so we 
could grow together 

“The first rule of management is delegation.
Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’t.”

– Anthea Turner, British media personality

We love taking care of company’s branding! 

From prints, web poster, social media graphics for posting,
web advertisement, printing for you shop such as banner, bunting, menu, 
to packaging like boxes, label stickers for your products 

And the basic offline prints like name card (business card), 
or even a Thank You Card to show your customers that you really care.

Which area of your business do you need help with the most now?

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